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Art Notes

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 10 months ago
  • Urban Decay: Illustration of entropy in action, the breaking down of what civilization has erected.


  • Stars and Planets: The universe is vaster than we can imagine, and the stars have always inspired men to dreams both wonderful and horrible. The stars guided ancient religious rites, and have been regarded as the will of the gods writ large.


  • Surreal scenes: The everyday subtley or dramatically altered, showing the world we know to be a lie, but that something lies just underneath as well.


  • For the cover: The title of the game on a background mostly one color, with a pattern of some sort in it. Blurred white text on red/violet/green? Best choice at this point looks to be blurred, distorted white text on a dark crimson cover with imbedded patterns.


    • Alternitively, nine red squares, each with a badly distressed, disturbing image on it. Set on a background of either black or dark-green?

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