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This virtual workbench is devoted to development of Mythos, my game of building horror myths. Please disregard the ramblings of the inmates, they work cheap. See also: This is a very messy and unpolished section at the moment. Do forgive. Bolded items are complete, or at least drafted. ^.~



A game of Occult Horror and Weird Wonders


Your world is not enough. You don't know how or why you know this, but the sensation is there, that vague expectancy that you catch yourself think on every now and then. The hope that today things might be different. That today you might be able to understand things. Everywhere around you, the signs are there. The magazine headlines mutter the secrets to you, the static on your radio pops and sizzles out the hidden name of God in code, the channels on the television aren't always in the same place, and your favorite channel isn't always there.


You cannot remain as you are now. The power of the Outside has come into your life some way, some how. For some people it comes quietly, burbling like a stream through their dreams and wearing away the illussion of their safe, sane world. For others it comes like a nova, their lives shattering like sugar glass under the sudden onslaught of the unknown worlds of life and existence that flicker momentarily through ours.


There is a way, of course. A way to find what you seek, if only you are brave enough. Plunge out of the circle of dying fire light that we call civilization and take what you desire; what you need from the worlds beyond. They are there, calling for you. Waiting to consume you, if you aren't careful.


You can never go back. So, which way will you go forward?


Mythos is a storytelling game of occult mysteries, horror, and what we can learn and gain from such experiences. In a world filled with conspiracies, hidden agendas, ancient forces older than the present universe, and mysteries deeper and more profound than any guessed at by science, what will you find? In Mythos that is for you to find out.




  • Introduction Draft done.
    • About the Game
    • Designer's Notes
    • The World of the Mythos



  • Creating your World
    • Cover page - An overview of your nightmare
    • Making a Scrapbook Entry
    • Entry types
      • Evidence
      • Manifestations
      • Entities
      • Locations
      • Events
    • Scrapbook Entries


  • Creating your Characters
    • Character Guidelines - Destiny's Pawns
    • Mental Health - All alone with yourself
    • Enthusiasm and Eccentricities - The things that make you human
    • Corruption - The Power of Darkness



  • Game Mechanics
    • Tests - Character versus the World
    • Conflicts - Character versus Character
    • Consequences - The Price of our Actions
    • Omens - Signs of things to come


  • Sanity, Injury, and Death
    • Sanity - Truth and Lies
    • Insanity - The Cracked Mind
    • Facade - The Mask of Madness
    • Injury - Fear of the Flesh
    • Death - Fear of the Soul









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